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Anna Holtblad is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of contemporary Swedish
fashion. Over two decades, Anna has followed her own voice and her typically
Scandinavian ideals of timelessness in design.

No matter how trends come and go, several distinctive qualities have remained in
her work, such as her stubborn refusal to compromise quality, the characteristic
Anna Holtblad silhouette, the use of powerful accented colours, as well as the
exceptional timelessness in many of her signature garments, many of which have
earned the rank of contemporary Swedish fashion classics.

Anna Holtblad's garments never feel out of date. "I feel that my clothes should
emphasize and enhance the wearer's personality, never take over or make her
look overdressed," says Anna. "The level of fashion in many of my designs is
often a question of how they are personally combined with other clothes and

Her first collection, launched in the fall of 1987, marked a milestone in Swedish
fashion, instantly establishing a distinct new look with just three styles in two
colours. Many associate Anna Holtblad with the advanced knitwear that has
earned her design awards (Nordic design award, The Goldbutton, Elle's price of
honour) and a reputation in the fashion world. Today, however, knitwear is just
one part of the collection.

Some twenty years later, when several young Swedish designers launch their
own new labels every year, it can be hard to appreciate how bold and daring Anna
Holtblad was - and still is. Even the introduction of knitted sweaters was radical at
the time, and her ‘sustainable' approach to quality and fashion means that an
Anna Holtblad piece will be loved and worn for years to come. A rare quality in the
today's high-speed consumer fashion world.

Outside Sweden, Anna Holtblad's clothes are sold in selected shops in Europe,
North America and Japan.

/Claes Britton

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